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entj ([personal profile] entj) wrote2012-10-06 04:04 pm

RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars is coming!

I love this show to bits.

I hope Chad Michaels wins.

Based on her previous appearance in S2, I think Raven is dull as dirt and relies on those overpumped lips to stand out. We'll see if she's improved.

I love Nina Flowers and Shannel (she was so robbed by Rebecca Glasscock in the first season).

I wish Shannel, Pandora Boxx, and Latrice Royale could have an episode where they get to judge Santino Rice for a change. If you aren't a couture queen, you don't rate in his book, and he's vicious about it. It is not just at the judge's table, so he can't use that as an excuse: he criticized Pandora on the reunion show, and I'm like, really? It would have killed you to be nice, or at least not be mean, for just one episode? If Kathy Griffin is on the D list, I don't know how far we'd have to go through the alphabet to find Santino.

I find some of Michelle's critiques off the wall, as if she's really reaching, and her laugh occasionally grates on my nerves, but she does seem like a caring, motherly human being who feels genuine appreciation for the queens. I've listened to one of her post-elimination lunches, and she seems much smarter and warmer there, so I think the editing actually hurts the judges sometimes, too. :)

Queens I'd have liked to see on All-Stars who aren't: Jade Sotomayor, Ongina, Shangela, Morgan McMichaels, Mariah, DiDa Ritz, Willam, and Tatianna.